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Africa, Afro

Date : 2013-01-31Hit : 4055

Upon the Opening of , Afro> exhibition



Hyo Joon Choi

Director of Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art


Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents the first exhibition of the year of 2013 with art from Africa. 'Black Continent' might be the most powerful word calling Africa and perhaps one would like to say 'Land with tears'.

But we like to deliver the song of hope through the African Art. You might want to find out of the exhibition. We like to invite you opening your heart to grasp special and unique passion from the land in Africa after this long and incredibly cold winter.


Africa was colonized and occupied by the Western Power in the late 19th century made the continent diaspora, then now we see Africa today. They are getting into a new era raising their own voice in the verge of recovering their identity and independence in 2000s. In the past, they have been through chaotic situation in terms of politics, social, cultural and ideological turmoil. On the other hand, they tried to express their emotion out of art like light of the desert to survive. They are eager to shout towards love for human being is one and only solution to comtemplate their reality as well as healing all over the African World.


They are pure and beautiful. There are fundmental happiness they hope beyond reality which is carrying out sadness together but it purifies confusion in society and energize to the change. This is just beyond our feeling, understanding, and imagination. Africa! We believe that we will watch soon their victory over the conflict, femine, hunger, disease, poorness with the new horizon. Go, Africa, Afro!


Here are 7 artists from 3 nations and they exile their homeland but sing harmony within the whole Africa rather than their zeal to their country. 30 sculptures from 12 nations showing their idea and even perspective of the world in religion.


In the world of extreme in division and encounter we are living in today, we see the artists and unknown craftsmen through their works saying the oneness between nature, man, and chaos not in the artificial way but primitive and natural move. We hope to provide time to open our hearts in the same way.


Gyeonggi MoMA can exhibit 100 works among the collection of Mr. Jeong Hye Kwang, director of African Museum. We deeply appreciate his passion and kindness to lend his collection and we also thank all the related staff for making this exhibition possible.