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Gentle Disturbance - Talking Paik, Tireless Refrain

Date : 2013-01-30Hit : 4579

Date / 2013-01-29 ~ 2013-06-30
Artist / Beom Kim, mixrice, Sanghee Song, Santiago Sierra, Francis Alÿs, Melik Ohanian, Soosung Lee, Wan Lee, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Ana Hušman
Place / Nam June Paik Art Center 1F

Gentle Disturbance - Talking Paik, Tireless Refrain


Nam June Paik Art Center is pleased to invite you to the opening of two coinciding exhibitions Gentle Disturbance - Talking Paik and Tireless Refrain. It is especially meaningful that Gentle Disturbance-Talking Paik opens to the public in advance on January 29, on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Paik's decease.

The current economic, social and political uneasiness that humans face might remain as an incurable trauma of history. It is true that the more unutterably repressed the real is, the more rigid it becomes like a fossil through repetition and return of such traumatic experiences. Reproduction of repetition and disturbance by difference are those of the olde means for art to t reduce the burden of the painful reality by going in and out the surreal. The two exhibitions are then an attempt to shed new lights on the meaning of 'the political', which has been long forgotten in interpreting Nam June Paik's art.

For this artistic proposal to restore the meaning of communal life, Nam June Paik art Center wishes to receive your warm encouragement and support.

Manu Park

Director, Nam June Paik Art Center




Permanent Exhibition Gentle Disturbance - Talking Paik

29 January 2013 - 30 June 2013

Temporary Exhibition Tireless Refrain

7 February 2013 - 16 June 2013


7 February 2013, 5pm

Opening Performance

Never Once, Obviously, Unexpectedly, by Sungbae Kim(Band Via), On Kim(Sound Artist), Youngchang Yi(Renata Suicide), Sungu Cho(Band SSS)

Shuttle Bus Information for Opening

To make a reservation please email to


7 February

15:15 Hapjeong Subway Station(exit #2)

16:00 Hannam-dong across from Hannam The Hill(The former site of Dankook Univ.)

Admission Tickets

Adults : 4,000won

Students : 2,000won

Gyeonggi Province inhabitants and group : 50% discounts

Opening Hours

10am - 8pm

Closed on every 2nd & 4th Monday of the Month