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Promotion of arts and culture

Development of cultural policy and information projects
Basic investigation, information sharing, discourse generation for establishment of cultural policy in Gyeonggi Province
  • Investigation and establishment of Date Base system for arts and culture
  • Research of policy subjects and provision of information service
  • Research of core cultural policy subjects of Gyeonggi Province
  • Network for cooperation of Gyeonggi Province's culture
  • Establishment of cultural policy information system
  • Assessment of arts and culture grant projects
  • Survey of customers satisfaction
Promotion of cultural production and increasing awareness of arts and culture
Formation of the base for the production of high-quality art works representing Gyeonggi Province's culture Developing the Intermediator who contributes to the arts participation of the Gyeonggi Province residents
  • Support for creation and promotion of high-quality arts works and activities
  • Support for the intermediator of arts and culture participations
  • Strengthening the ability of artists
  • Support for planning, selecting and promoting arts and culture
  • Management of culture Producers in the user created contents
Development of the public access to arts and culture
Promotion of cultural welfare through expansion of cultural enjoyment opportunity in relation to the alienated residents from arts and culture in the province
  • Opportunity increase for enjoyment of arts and culture
  • Community art projects
Equal development in the regional arts and culture
Improvement of arts and culture activities for the various regional arts and culture subjects Development of arts and culture programs in relation to the regional cultural infrastructure
  • Grants for public regional arts and culture programs
  • Promotion of arts and culture facilities
  • Support for the specialized and focused regional arts and culture
  • Support for the arts and culture in relation to the press organization
Establishment of regional cultural networks
Provision of better opportunity in international exchanges for high quality arts and culture activities Development of domestic and overseas arts and culture residency programs
  • Grants for international cultural exchanges
  • Establishment of the cultural exchange network
  • Participation for the Bologna Children's Book Fair as the guest of honor
Improvement of integrated promotional marketing and operation systems
Increasing synergy through public relationships and promotional marketing on the occasion of the. integrated operation with regard to the museums and art gallery
  • Development of integrated cultural products
  • Operation of the integrated website
  • Publishing the magazine of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
  • Establishment and operation of integrated information management system
  • Improvement of integrated cultural facilities