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Integrated operation of affiliated cultural facilities

Gyeonggi Institute of Cultural Properties
  • Academic survey  of historic sites and preservation of cultural properties
  • Preservation and transmission of traditional culture & arts
  • Content development and publicity for traditional culture & arts
Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
  • Research and excavation of cultural heritages
  • Preservation and maintenance of cultural properties
  • Strengthening the ability of artists
  • Museum exhibitions
  • Educational programs for culture and the arts
  • Programs to provide increased access to cultural activities for Gyeonggi’s citizens
  • Academic exchanges
  • Documents & information lab
Development of the public access to arts and culture
  • Exhibition
  • Educational Programs
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Artwork collection, preservation, and maintenance
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Research
Nam June Paik Art Center
  • Research and publications
  • Exhibitions
  • Archives
  • Public programs
  • International exchanges
Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum
  • Regular/special exhibitions
  • Research on cultural properties
  • Academic seminars and essays
  • Educational programs
  • Bunwon White Porcelain Information Hall
Namhansanseong Fortress Promotion Initiatives
  • Promotion of systematic restoration of cultural heritages based on careful historical research, and international outreach to register Namhansanseong on the list of internationally significant cultural properties Creation of a historical and cultural attraction
Inauguration of the Museum of SILHAK
  • Operation of permanent exhibition
  • Operation of cultural experience and educational program
  • Operation of traditional culture events and performing arts programs
Inauguration and operation of the Gyeonggi Creation Center
Inauguration of the Gyeonggi Creation Center as the contemporary, experimental and progressive art center generating creation synergy. The Gyeonggi Creation Center is also a place of active international exchanges
  • Renovation of Gyeonggi Creation Center
  • Opening of Gyeonggi Creation Center and hosting of Res Artis Conference
  • Operation of pilot programs
Operation of Gyeonggi Creativity School
Development of creative manpower through cultural contents and practical education
  • Production and operation of online campus
  • Operation of mentor classroom of online campus
  • Operation of mobile(Normadic) campus