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Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Main Office

  • www.ggcf.or.kr Tel.031.231.7200 Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, established in July 1997 and reorganized in January 2002 with (one bureau, six teams/ one institute, two bureaus)
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Development of arts policies Cultural policy development
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation is developing arts policies to explore and expand the value of culture and arts in the community. The foundation performs research on cultural statistics and develops cultural indices to this end.
Cooperative cultural networks and international exchanges
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation operates diverse cultural networks for better cultural exchange and cooperation between 31 local governments and local culture and arts rganizations.The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation also maintains foreign correspondents in over 30 countries to increase international cultural exchange.
Open recruitment of artists and arts groups and culture & arts education
To expand and promote cultural and artistic activities, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation is imple-
an innovative policy of “focusing and spreading.” This will enhance the creative skills of Gyeonggi’s citizens and promote cultural awareness in the region.
Multiculturalism and cultural welfare
The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation provides support for independent cultural and artistic
activities like community theatre, arts academies for Gyeonggi citizens, and local festivals. The foundation also provides support to social minorities like the handicapped and migrant laborers to enable their artistic creativity and further their participation in society. The foundation maintains diverse programs and events to address disparities in access to culture between different districts, and for culturally excluded communities.
Communication and sharing of values
The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation publicizes and shares its projects and policies with the community through the magazine ‘Gyeonggi Culture Naru’, online outreach through the Cyber Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, and various culture and art-related symposiums and forums.
Support for cultural organizations in Gyeonggi Province
The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation supports nine culture and arts organizations, including museums and galleries established by the provincial government and two additional museums under construction. Organizations supported by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation are harnessing the cultural energy of the community and preparing a base for culture & arts activities in the region.