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Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Main Office

Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, a vehicle to make the beauty and excitement of arts and culture prevailed throughout the province.

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The Main Office of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation is deploying a wide array of resources to realize a better society, where everyone has access to culture and the arts.

The office is organized into two bureaus and six teams, and is responsible for successfully supporting and managing the main projects operated by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation.

Its responsibilities include providing culture and arts education programs, developing cultural policy, engaging in outreach to Gyeonggi citizens, supporting integrated operation of affiliated organizations, and implementing effective business management.

The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Main Office is making substantial efforts to expand cultural and artistic exchange and to develop strategic partnerships through domestic and international networks. The office is also implementing innovative support policies to develop and expand cultural and artistic activities. Through these efforts, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation hopes to enable a culturally opulent life for the people of the region.