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Nam June Paik Art Center


  • www.njpartcenter.kr Tel.031.201.8571~2 Inaugurated on October 8, 2008 (Architecture designed by Kirsten Schemel, Marina Stankovic, ‘the Matrix’)
  • photo galley
Research and publications
The Nam June Paik Art Center is building its future as an international research center by expanding research and discussion about art of Nam June Paik.
By expanding on concepts and ideas Nam June Paik, the NJP Art Center
promotes discussion on Paik’s works through seminars, workshops, and conferences.

The NJP art center displays research based permanent exhibition including early works of Paik such as documents, installations, performance videos as well as the Memorabilia space, replica of Paik’s NY studio. The center also hosts regular group exhibitions with innovative and creative local, national and international artists.


Over 2200 Nam June Paik’s video collections and materials Collection of diverse art works, including media, videos, and music Expansion of research at the center based on artwork and material related to Nam June Paik

Public programs

The NJP art center provides access to different interpretations about Nam June Paik and shares meaning of Paik’s creative contributions.

In connection with Nam June Paik’s legacy in music, the center hosts monthly experimental music performances.

Educational programs are provided for children, youth, and adults to share that Nam June Paik brought to contemporary art.

International exchanges

The NJP Art Center actively promotes international cultural exchanges on Nam June Paik’s global legacy.

The center trains staffs to the international level beyond domestic art fields.