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The hub of international media art revolution Nam June Paik Art Center www.njpartcenter.kr Tel.031.201.8571~2

The Nam June Paik Art Center is a space for creativity that opens the wide range of potential attained by combining art, education, technology, and the humanities.

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The Nam June Paik Art Center opened its doors in 2008 in an attempt to embody Paik’s own idea of a ‘house where his spirit lives on.’ From then on, the NJP Art Center strives to realize the meaning of his innovative visions and to promote his artistic ideas and contributions in contemporary art.
Nam June Paik had profound knowledge of aesthetics and music. He combined music and performances in the 60s, and also introduced televisions as art works for the first time. Paik did not simply see television as a medium but saw it as highly extensible and malleable object that could be experimented into methods of manipulated TV images which allows viewer’s participation in art works.
By inheriting Nam June Paik’s creative energy and spiritual assets, the Nam June Paik Art Center wishes to become a cultural space to create dialogue of artistic possibilities in contemporary art. The Nam June Paik Art Center will be an important forum for international communication where all can share in the artistic spirit of Nam June Paik.