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Gyeonggi Provincial Museum


  • www.musenet.or.kr Tel.031.288.5400 Established on June 21st, 1996
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Research and excavation of cultural heritages
The museum performs research on new historical discoveries and promotes Gyeonggi province’s cultural identity through provision of resources about cultural heritages in Gyeonggi province, and performance of research and study projects on historical documents and records published in academic journals.
Maintenance of donated cultural artifacts
Study and preservation of cultural artifacts donated by prominent families Encouragement of additional donations by maintenance of friendly relationships with donors
Preservation and maintenance of cultural properties
The Gyeonggi Provincial Museum provides an optimum environment for preservation and maintenance of cultural heritages and maintains high quality resources for exhibition and academic study.
The museum develops and transmits cultural traditions through stable preservation and maintenance of cultural heritages
Museum exhibitions
The museum maintains a collection of more than 13,000 cultural properties, including National Treasure No.256 and 34 Treasures The museum also provides significant opportunities for cultural experience through a diverse range of exhibitions
Educational programs for culture and the arts
The museum provides Gyeonggi citizens with various programs to understand and appreciate both foreign cultures and the traditional culture of the region, and offers a diverse range of educational programs like the “Museum Academy” and the “Children’s Excavation Experience.”
Programs to provide increased access to cultural activities for Gyeonggi citizens
By visiting citizens in culturally excluded communities, the museum is working to address disparities in access to culture between different sectors of society These diverse programs are targeted to citizens from culturally, socially, and economically excluded communities.
Academic exchanges
These programs provide Gyeonggi citizens with access to academic resources by systemically organizing and presenting data about the museum’s academic projects
Documents & information lab
The lab maintains a collection of books and documents on history, folklore, and antiquities that is freely accessible to every Gyeonggi citizen.