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Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

The treasure house of traditional Gyeonggi culture Gyeonggi Provincial Museum www.musenet.or.kr Tel.031.288.5400

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum is continuing to expand the study of the history of Gyeonggi Province while promoting its culture. The museum promotes community awareness of the province’s cultural resources through collection, preservation, and exhibition of cultural properties. The museum also works to develop and publicize the unique historical and cultural identity of Gyeonggi.

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Gyeonggi Provincial Museum plays a central role in developing the province’s culture by collecting, studying, preserving, and exhibiting cultural heritages discovered in the area. In line with the current trend toward globalization, the museum also holds an annual exhibition devoted to international cultural exchanges to address the increased demand for global culture among the community. The museum presents the results of its research about Gyeonggi history and culture to the public, and preserves its valuable cultural heritages through scientific methods of conservation and maintenance. This ensures that these cultural heritages continue as important resources for exhibition and academic research.

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum also continuously develops educational programs in response to demand from members of the community; from children and youth, to adults and family.

The museum also provides various educational programs, including visits to the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum and field trips to cultural/historical sites, as well as a variety of cultural events and attractions every month.

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum is an open space for Gyeonggi citizens to experience and take part in diverse cultural events. The museum continues to dedicate itself to becoming not only a leading local museum, but also a museum of global interest.