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Korea’s cradle of creation and talent Gyeonggi School of Creation www.k-changeo.org Tel.031.231.8501

‘Creation’ is all around us, and Gyeonggi province is rapidly becoming the place where new paradigms of creativity are emerging. Gyeonggi School of Creation cultivates the hidden potential of its students to nurture the creative talent of the future.

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Gyeonggi School of Creation is Korea’s first hybrid online/offline cyber school. The first minister of culture, Lee Eoh Ryeong, is the honorary principal of the school, and some of the most distinguished scholars in Korea now participate as mentors. The school runs under a mentoring system, to nurture the true talent of the students. The school also utilizes a storytelling method where teachers relate a narrative, and students use their thinking and creativity to find answers to the problem posed in the story, as well as a digilogue method, which integrates electronic and traditional methods of instruction. Gyeonggi School of Creation hopes to expand creativity throughout the nation, and further contribute to advancing the creativity of Koreans all over the world. Anyone can access the Gyeonggi School of Creation at no charge and develop their talents for a more creative world.