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Gyeonggi Museum of Modern ART


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Gyeonggi MoMA presents special exhibitions of contemporary art to the public four times a year.
A New Acquisition Exhibition is composed of new works collected throughout the year / Gyeonggi Art Project features different political, social, or cultural themes relevant to Gyeonggi province / Contemporary Art Stream, Ex N Ex focuses on contemporary art trends to illustrate the diversity of contemporary art under
the theme of ‘experimentation’ and ‘expansion’ / Cross-Genre Exhibition integrates different fields in arts and crossover arts.
Educational Programs

Gyeonggi MoMA Lectures provides programs for adults with the aim of attracting a diverse range of audiences and conducting and in-depth exploration of contemporary art.

Exhibition Participatory Programs are offered in connection with themes of special exhibitions.

Get Involved: School Teacher Participatory Programs are available for school teachers working in the Gyeonggi province to leverage the museum’s educational resources.

Art Camp for Children is to encourage their interest in art and develop their creativity

Community Projects

Outreach Gyeonggi MoMA travels in art spaces in Gyeonggi Province to enable local artists to collaborate on their work with collections from the museum.

Ten-Inch Galleries in subway and train stations near the museum function as a source for local citizens to obtain information

about exhibitions and events held by the museum, and act as a window to observe to work from promising young artists.

Container Library serves as a space for the local community to take part in the arts and communicate with the local.

Wall of Hope is a public art project jointly sponsored and operated by contemporary artist Kang Ik-Joong and Gyeonggi MoMA, completed with the participation of 50 thousand children and volunteers from all over the country.

Artwork collection, preservation, and maintenance
The museum collects and maintains works of contemporary art, from the postwar period to the present,
illustrating contemporary paradigms of art as well as artistic visions for the future.
Promotion and marketing
The museum promotes its mission through diverse multimedia and print publicity.
The museum is enhancing its educational role by collecting and exhibiting artwork;
The museum continuously enhances its educational role by collecting and purchasing books and resources; and performing research on contemporary art.