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Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to leading contemporary art of Korea. Gyeonggi MoMA manifests this commitment by collecting, preserving, interpreting and presenting outstanding works of contemporary art. Gyeonggi MoMA offers experimental exhibitions and experiential education programs for the public, and supports creative production of artists. Focused on the harmony of localization and globalization as well as professional taste and public appeal, Gyeonggi MoMA will take a vital role in providing inspiration and insight through art for local, national and international communities

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Gyeonggi MoMA, supported by the provincial government and administered by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, is actively involved in a contemporary art scene and presents a future-oriented vision through collecting works of contemporary art, conducting research, hosting regular and special exhibitions and operating diverse education programs. Furthermore, by reaching out to other fields and genres in the arts, Gyeonggi MoMA provokes experimentation and expansion in contemporary art. Aside from these activities, Gyeonggi MoMA also develops programs to encourage local citizens their in participation in the arts community, and activities to expand its role as a museum.
By continuing its efforts to connect arts to daily life, and the local community to the global, Gyeonggi MoMA is working to promote awareness of the arts and to meet the cultural needs of the community. The museum will continue to evolve as a transformational institution that encourages people to develop their creativity, and that provides the community with opportunities for education.