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Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum


  • www.ggcm.or.kr/ Tel.031.799.1500 Opened on August 10th, 2001 / Renamed in 2008 (formerly ‘Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum’)
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Special exhibitions

The museum maintains Hall of ceramic culture where the concepts, history, and production processes of Korean ceramic are displayed. It hosts regular exhibitions on traditional ceramic from the Goryeo and Joseon eras, as well as work from modern potters.

The hall also hosts annual special exhibitions that focus on history and traditions based on research about Korean pottery.

Research on cultural properties

yeonggi Ceramics Museum conducts research on cultural relics related to ceramic in Gyeonggi province, the cradle of tradition in Korean ceramics
All information from excavation and research is meticulously catalogued and stored.

Academic seminars and essays

The museum hosts seminars where trends in archaeological research about Korean pottery history are reported.

The museum also functions as a research organization through the publication of academic articles.

Educational programs

The museum provides a variety of specialized educational programs.

Unique educational and experience programs are available for the general public, including children, families, and professionals.

Bunwon Royal Porcelain Museum

The Bunwon White Porcelain Information Hall is located on the site of the Joseon Dynasty’s white porcelain kiln, at Bunwon-li, Namjong-myeon, Gwangju city, Gyeonggi province www.bunwon.or.kr / tel.031.766.8465

The hall provides the general public with study materials about Saong kiln, the site of the Joseon Dynasty’s prized white porcelain.