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A space where the history and spirit of Korean ceramics lives on Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum www.ggcm.or.kr Tel.031.799.1500

The Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum has been leading the study of the culture of Korean ceramic. The museum operates diverse facilities where pottery related cultural heritages are collected, studied, exhibited and used by local citizens. The museum functions as a cultural space that enriches every citizen’s life.

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Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum is a leader in promoting the culture of Korean ceramic. Gyeonggi itself has an extensive history as a ceramic producer, and was the main site of pottery production during the Joseon dynasty. For 500 years, Gyeonggi’s Gwangju Royal Kiln produced ceramics for the royal family. The museum is the only museum that specializes in collecting, preserving, studying, and exhibiting Korean ceramic from the history.
Other than Joseon era pottery, the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum also exhibits valuable relics and works produced by Korean ceramic, from the birth of Korean pottery to the present day.
In addition to the museum’s effort to collect and preserve tangible and intangible cultural assets related to Korean ceramic, the museum also strives to improve and transmit Korean craftsmanship through research that promotes recognition and understanding of culture in korean ceramics The museum also holds ceramic exhibitions on a large scale as well as international academic symposiums that play an important role in studying East Asian ceramic, including Korea.
Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum aims to enrich Gyeonggi citizens’ lives by developing diverse special exhibitions, classes, and exhibitions as well as providing them with an open and accessible cultural space.