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Gyeonggi Creation Center

Programs Main Facilities

  • www.gyeonggicreationcenter.org Tel.031.481.7021 Opened on October 29th, 2009
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Studio Programs
Creative residency (for artists), research residency (for curators and theorists)
Local Cooperation Program
This is a cooperative program that allows local citizens, resident artists, Gyeonggi Creation Center, and residency organizations from other districts to work together.
International Exchange Program
This is a cooperative program that helps form international networks between prominent residency organizations for exchange between artists, hosting of exhibitions, and mutual support
Exhibition Programs
Open studio exhibitions, special exhibitions, and regular exhibitions
Educational Programs
Communication programs for the general public and students, training programs for external organizations and the local community, international summer school
Art Storage Program
This is a program that stores art that requires special attention and maintenance
Artists Workshop Program
This program provides support for artists, research centers for cultural content corporations, and hands-on training for provincial universities
International Summer Festival
This is a new multi-genre festival that integrates open studios and open storages, special exhibitions, and an art fair