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Gyeonggi Creation Center the realization of creativity and cultural diversity Gyeonggi Creation Center www.gyeonggicreationcenter.org Tel.031.481.7021

Gyeonggi Creation Center is an art residency established in October, 2009. The center supports both domestic and international artists in both creative production and research by providing diverse programs and facilities, including studios, exhibitions, community cooperation, international exchange, education, art storage, art workshops, and international summer festivals.
Gyeonggi Creation Center is administered by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation and the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art. The center also administers human and material networks through domestic and international exchanges between different artistic genres, including pure/applied

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Diverse and specialized programs

In addition to the residency program, the center operates educational programs, exhibitions, local cooperation programs, international exchange programs, art storage, art workshops, summer schools, and international summer festivals, to thoroughly embrace the world of contemporary arts. Some of the center’s new programs include:

  • Art storage program : Art that requires professional maintenance can be stored
  • Open studio exhibition
  • International summer festival : This is an art fair that combines a special exhibition with an art fair, and is equivalent to a biennale

Art residency located at a vacation site on the west coast

This residency is located at a west coast tourist site on an island called Seongamdo, and has numerous advantages as an artist’s residence. The site boasts attractive scenery and competitive facilities. This has made it easier to overcome the difficult conditions of construction there, and leverage the island’s scenery into a unique advantage. The center develops specialized programs and has established its own identity as a result.

Synergy with museums

The center achieves synergy by cooperating with the Gyeonggi Museum of Arts. Gyeonggi Creation Center leverages the infrastructure of the museum to enhance research and creative activities. At the same time, the museum functions as an alternative activity to residency, extending the conventional functions of the museum.