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Gyeonggi Children’s Museum


Curiosity, the environment, and health for the next generation Gyeonggi Children’s  Museum www.gcmuseum.or.kr Tel.031.270.8610

Gyeonggi Children's Museum is Korea's first independent style learning museum attempting to increase children's dream, curiosity, and imagination. It will be a practical educational place for children who will lead the future of the global era.

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Gyeonggi Children's Museum is a creative experience and educational space for children to discover the world, together with family members. It is Korea's largest comprehensive children's museum to offer various exhibitions and learning activities for children, comparable to other children's museums around the world. This museum holds various activity programs, as well as exhibitions that upholds the vision of healthy children, curious children, environment-oriented children, and global children.


3 year olds (36 months)~12 year olds, their family members, educators

Operational Directions

● A museum leading future-oriented education
A museum that offers innovative exhibitions and programs
● A museum that provides ample stories
A museum that talks and interacts with children, parents, grandparents, and teachers
● A live museum
A museum that strives to change for the better and develop on the basis of long-term visions
● A museum that embodies global values
A museum that keeps apace with and leads changes in world children’s museums
● A networking museum
A museum that networks with the community’s relevant institutes to fulfill a key education role, and networks with alienated people to meet their diverse needs