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Gyeonggi Children’s Museum

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  • 1st Floor : Nature's Playground
  • The Nature's Playground is dedicated to young children.
  • 1st Floor : Healthy Playground
  • In the Healthy Playground, we will learn about the principles of exercise science, and how to stay healthy.
  • 2st Floor : Han River and Water
  • The Han River and Water is a water play space involving the Han River. You can take a look at the nature and history of the Han River, and learn about the scientific principle of water through water play.
  • 2st Floor : How does the body work?
  • In ‘How does body work?’, we can learn what functions the heart, eyes, ears, nose and other parts of the body perform, and compare the human body and the animal body.
  • 2st Floor : Construction Zone
  • In the Construction Zone, you can make your own creative structures. Compare various construction materials and patterns and think about architectural diversity.
  • 3st Floor : Eco Atelier
  • In the Eco Atelier, you are an artist. Use various recycled goods and make a unique work of your own.
  • 3st Floor : Wisdom in the Fairy Tale
  • The Wisdom in the Fairy Tale is a space designed with scenes frequently appearing in traditional fairy tales.
  • 3st Floor : These are my friends
  • Gyeonggi Province has a lot of friends with diverse cultural backgrounds. ‘These are my friends’ consists of such friends’ stories.
  • 3st Floor : Mini Theater
  • The Mini Theater is a small theater where anyone can become a main character in the drama. You can also view videos on performances by children from other countries.
  • Outdoor : Artworks Hidden in the Museum
  • Various artists’ works are hidden in various parts of this museum.