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Vision and Strategy

Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, a dynamo to bring an excitement to everyday life through
fascinating arts and culture
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation enables its society to become a mature community that can
make the lives of individual and neighbors comfortable and can share sensibility and wisdom
embedded into arts and culture through vitalizing creative energy of arts and culture.
Management Goals
Realization of innovative and reliable services in arts and culture
Reinforcement of efficient administration and increase in fund
Core Values
  • Creativity
  • Provision of bases to foster arts
  • Location and succession of cultural heritages
  • Conversion of museums into creative centers
  • Dynamism
  • Dissemination of public values of arts and culture
  • Increase in the quality of cultural services
  • Creation of multi-purpose facilities with musuems
  • Diversity
  • Promotion of international cultural exchanges
  • Encouragement of interdisciplinary activities
  • Stimulation of exchanges among museums and installation of their networks