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  • Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation- a driving force to make Korean arts and culture superior
    Gyeonggi Province is an everlasting source and fertilizer of Korean arts and culture.
    There are so many cultural heritages from prehistoric life dated three- hundred-thousand year
    ago and Three Kingdom Era to Silhak, Korean Pragmatism during Chosun Dynasty.  Its heritages,
    the legends of heroes and the lives of ordinary people are precious resources for many cultural
    contents.  In order to efficiently conserve and promote history, culture and arts of Gyeonggi
    Province, ten museums became family members of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation last year. 
    It has advocated the passion of artists and ones at arts and culture reald aoffered an easy
    access to arts and culture and vitalized exciting "Culture Gyeonggi."  I would like to make
    Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation a heart of Korean culture, a cultural capitol of Northeast Asia and
    culturally Global Inspiration. Thank you very much for your support.
  • The chairman of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation